This is just a list of Games and Roms known for the Atari Lynx.  Last updated on 7/27/2014.

Download the full collection of Atari Lynx Roms here, only 17.1Mb filesize.

Title Company Rarity Have ROM Cart -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alien vs. Predator Atari Yes Alpine Games Self-Published No APB Atari (3) Yes Awesome Golf Atari (4) Yes Baseball Heroes Atari (4) Yes Basketbrawl Atari (3) Yes Batman Returns Atari (2) Yes BattleWheels Beyond Games (5) Yes Battlezone 2000 Atari (5) Yes Bill & Ted's Ex Adv Atari (2) Yes Block Out Atari (3) Yes Blue Lightning Atari (5) Yes Yes Bubble Trouble Telegames (7) Yes California Games Atari (5) Yes Yes Centipede Shadowsoft Yes Championship Rally Songbird Productions (7) No Checkered Flag Atari (3) Yes Yes Chip's Challenge Atari (2) Yes Conquest of Zow ? (?) Yes Crystal Mines II Atari (2) Yes Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure Songbird Productions No Cyber Virus Beyond Games No Daemon's Gate Atari No Desert Strike Return to the Gulf Telegames (7) Yes Dinolympics Atari (3) Yes Dirty Larry:RenegadeCop Atari (3) Yes Double Dragon Telegames (7) Yes Dracula the Undead Atari (4) Yes Dragnet ? (?) Yes Dungeon Slayers Atari No Dungeon, The V.12 ? (?) Yes Electrocop Atari (5) Yes European Soccer Chal Telegames (7) Yes Eye of the Beholder NuFX Yes Fat Bobby Telegames (7) Yes Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge Telegames (6) Yes Yes Gates of Zendocon Atari (2) Yes Yes Gauntlet: 3rd Encounter Atari (4) Yes Yes GeoDuel Atari No Gordo 106 Atari (4) Yes Hard Drivin' Atari (5) Yes Yes Hockey Atari (4) Yes Hydra Atari (2) Yes Hyperdrome Telegames (7) No Ishido:The Way ofStones Atari (2) Yes Jimmy Connors' Tennis Atari (3) Yes Yes Joust Williams (4) Yes Yes KLAX Atari (2) Yes Krazy Ace Mini Golf Telegames (7) Yes Kung Food Atari (1) Yes Lemmings Atari (6) Yes Lexis Songbird Productions (7) Yes Lode Runner Self-Published Yes Loopz HandMade Software Yes Lynx Casino Atari (5) Yes Lynx Diagnostic Atari Yes Lynx Othello Harry Dodgson (7) No Malibu Bikini:Voleyball Atari (3) Yes Marble Madness (?) Yes Marlboro Go! Digital Image Yes Mechtiles Atari No MegaPak 1 Songbird Productions No Ms. Pac-Man Atari (3) Yes NFL Football Atari (4) Yes Yes Ninja Gaiden Atari (4) Yes Ninja Gaiden III: Ancient Ship of Doom Atari (3) Yes Pac-Land Atari (4) Yes Paperboy Atari (3) Yes(2) Yes Para Lemi! v005 ? (?) Yes Pinball Jam Atari (2) Yes Pit-Fighter Atari (3) Yes PokerMania MW Software No Pong5 Carl Forhan (?) Yes Ponx Songbird Productions (7) Yes No Pounce Atari No Power Factor Atari (2) Yes Puzzler 2000 v.43 ? (?) Yes Qix Telegames (3) Yes Yes Raiden Telegames (7) Yes Rampage Atari (5) Yes Yes Rampart Atari (2) Yes Relief Pitcher Atari No Remnant Planar Wars 3D Songbird Productions (7) Yes Road Riot 4WD Atari Yes RoadBlasters Atari (3) Yes Yes Robo-Squash Atari (2) Yes Robotron: 2084 Williams (3) Yes Rygar Atari (3) Yes S.I.M.I.S. Self-Published (7) No S.T.U.N. Runner Atari (3) Yes Scrapyard Dog Atari (3) Yes SFX Songbird Productions (7) No Shadow of the Beast Atari (2) Yes Shanghai Atari (2) Yes Snakebyte ? (?) Yes SokoMania MW Software (7) No Star Dreamer ? (?) Yes Steel Talons Atari (1) Yes Super Asteroids & Missile Command Atari (4) Yes Super Off-Road Telegames (7) Yes Super Skweek Atari (2) Yes Switchblade II Atari (3) Yes T-Tris Self-Published (7) Yes Todd's Adventures in Slime World Atari (2) Yes Toki Atari (3) Yes Tournament Cyberball Atari (1) Yes Turbo Sub Atari (3) Yes Ultra Vortex Atari No Viking Child Atari (3) Yes Vindicators Atari No Warbirds Atari (4) Yes Yes World Class Fussball/Soccer Atari (4) Yes Xenophobe Atari (3) Yes Xybots Atari (1) Yes Zarlor Mercenary Atari (3) Yes ================================================================================ Atari Lynx Game List from as of 07/27/2014 What do the Rarity Index numbers mean? (1) Common Homebrew (2) Common+ Reproduction (3) Scarce Prototype (4) Scarce+ Undetermined (5) Rare (6) Rare+ (7) Very Rare (8) Very Rare+ (9) Extremely Rare (10) Unbelievably Rare --- End of File ---