AtariFun.Com Presents - Atari 5200 Roms and More!
ATARI 5200 GAME LIST & Roms Available for Download - Updated September 27th, 2009

Rarity Ratings are as follows:

C-, C, C+ ---- Common
U-, U, U+ ---- Uncommon
R-, R, R+ ---- Rare
ER-, ER, ER+ - Extremely Rare
UR ----------- Unbelievably Rare
PR ----------- Prototype only
NR ----------- Not believed to exist, even as a prototype
?? ----------- Unknown information

For example, an ER cart would be slightly more common than an ER+
and harder to find than an ER- game.



Download the full collection of Atari 5200 Roms here. (File Size 1.2Mb) 


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TITLE                   PUBLISHER        PRODUCT #    RARITY   LAY?  Cart Rom Ksize Inst
5200 BIOS ROM           Atari            ???????      ??       n/a   n/a  Yes 2k
5200 BIOS ROM           Atari            ???????      ??       n/a   n/a  Yes 2k    
5200 Menu               ?????            ???????      ??       n/a   ---- Yes 2k    n/a 
AE                      Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k    
ASTEROIDS               Atari            CX 5201      PR       NO    ---- Yes 8k
ASTRO CHASE             Parker Brothers  9560         R+       NO    ---- Yes 16k    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
BALLBLAZER              Atari/Lucasfilm  CX 5255      R        NO    ---- Yes 32k 
BAR ROOM BASEBALL       Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
BATTLEZONE              Atari            CX 5239      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
BEAMRIDER               Activision       FZ-009       ER-      NO    ---- Yes 32k
BERZERK                 Atari            CX 5221      U        NO    ---- Yes 32k
BLACK BELT              Atari            CX 5231      PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
BLUE PRINT              CBS Electronics  80033        R-       YES   ---- Yes 32k
BOOGIE DEMO CART        Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
BOUNTY BOB STRIKES BACK Big Five Soft.                ER       NO    ---- Yes 16k
BUCK ROGERS: PLANET OF ZOOM Sega         005-02       R-       NO    ---- Yes 16k
CASTLE CRISIS           Homebrew         ???????      ?        ??    ---- Yes 32k
CENTIPEDE               Atari            CX 5215      C        YES   ---- Yes 16k
CHOPLIFTER              Atari            CX 5253      R        NO    ---- Yes 32k
CONGO BONGO             Sega             006-02       R-       NO    ---- Yes 16k
COUNTERMEASURE          Atari            CX 5210      C        YES   ---- Yes 16k
DECATHLON               Activision       FZ-008       U        NO    ---- Yes 32k
DEFENDER                Atari            CX 5218      C        YES   ---- Yes 32k
DIAGNOSTIC CARTRIDGE    Atari            FD100144     ER       NO    ---- Yes 16k
DIG DUG                 Atari            CX 5211      C+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
DREADNAUGHT FACTOR, THE Activision       FZ-005       R-       NO    ---- Yes 8k
FINAL LEGACY            Atari            CX 5256      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
FOOTBALL                Atari            CX 5207      C        YES   ---- Yes 16k
FRISKY TOM              Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
FROGGER                 Parker Brothers  9530         C+       YES   ---- Yes 16k
FROGGER II: THREEEDEEP! Parker Brothers  9090         ER       NO    ---- Yes 16k
GALAXIAN                Atari            CX 5206      C        YES   ---- Yes 16k
GORF                    CBS Electronics  80013        R-       YES   ---- Yes 16k
GREMLINS                Atari            CX 5257      ER-      NO    ---- Yes 32k
GYRUSS                  Parker Brothers  9080         R        NO    ---- Yes 16k
H.E.R.O.                Activision       FZ-007       R        NO    ---- Yes 32k
JAMES BOND 007          Parker Brothers  9100         ER       NO    ---- Yes 16k
JOUST                   Atari            CX 5240      U-       NO    ---- Yes 16k
JR. PAC-MAN             Atari            CX 5251      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
JUNGLE HUNT             Atari            CX 5222      U-       NO    ---- Yes 16k
K-RAZY SHOOTOUT         CBS Electronics  80503        ER+      NO    ---- Yes 16k
KABOOM!                 Activision       FZ-001       U        YES   ---- Yes 16k
KANGAROO                Atari            CX 5229      C+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
KEYSTONE KAPERS         Activision       FZ-006       U        NO    ---- Yes 32k
KOFFI YELLOW KOPTER_SP  Homebrew         ???????      ?        ??    ---- Yes 32k
LAST STARFIGHTER, THE   Atari            CX 5260      PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
LOONEY TUNES HOTEL      Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
MARIO BROTHERS          Atari            CX 5247      U+       NO    ---- Yes 32k
MEEBZORK                Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
MEGAMANIA               Activision       FZ-003       U        NO    ---- Yes 8k
METEORITES              Electra Concepts              UR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
MICRO-GAMMON SB         Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
MILLIPEDE               Atari            CX 5248      PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
MINIATURE GOLF          Atari            CX 5230      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
MINER 2049ER            Big Five Soft.   BF1912       R+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
MISSILE COMMAND         Atari            CX 5202      C+       YES   ---- Yes 8k
MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE     Parker Brothers  9460         R+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
MOON PATROL             Atari            CX 5241      U        NO    ---- Yes 16k
MOUNTAIN KING           CBS Electronics  80083        R        YES   ---- Yes 8k
MR. DO'S CASTLE         Parker Brothers  9420         ER-      NO    ---- Yes 16k
MS. PAC-MAN             Atari            CX 5243      U-       NO    ---- Yes 16k
PAC-MAN                 Atari            CX 5208      C-       YES   ---- Yes 16k
PENGO                   Atari            CX 5236      R-       NO    ---- Yes 32k
PETE'S TEST CARTRIDGE   Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 8k
PITFALL!                Activision       FZ-004       U        NO    ---- Yes 8k
PITFALL II              Activision       FZ-011       U+       NO    ---- Yes 32k
POLE POSITION           Atari            CX 5217      C+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
POPEYE                  Parker Brothers  9510         C+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
Q*BERT                  Parker Brothers  9500         C+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
QIX                     Atari            CX 5121      U-       YES   ---- Yes 32k
QUEST FOR QUINTANA ROO  Sunrise Software #1603        ER-      NO    ---- Yes 16k
REALSPORTS BASEBALL     Atari            CX 5209      U        YES   ---- Yes 32k
REALSPORTS BASKETBALL   Atari            CX 5219      PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
REALSPORTS FOOTBALL     Atari            CX 5207      C        YES   ---- Yes 16k
REALSPORTS SOCCER       Atari            CX 5213      C+       YES   ---- Yes 16k
REALSPORTS TENNIS       Atari            CX 5214      U+       YES   ---- Yes 16k
RESCUE ON FRACTALUS!    Atari/Lucasfilm  CX 5254      ER-      NO    ---- Yes 32k
RIVER RAID              Activision       FZ-002       U        YES   ---- Yes 8k
ROAD RUNNER             Atari            CX 5242      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
ROBOTRON: 2084          Atari            CX 5225      U+       NO    ---- Yes 32k
SOCCER (same RS/Soccer) Atari            CX 5213      C        YES   ---- Yes 16k
SPACE DUNGEON           Atari            CX 5232      U        NO    ---- Yes 16k
SPACE INVADERS          Atari            CX 5204      C        YES   ---- Yes 16k
SPACE SHUTTLE           Activision       FZ-012       U+       YES   ---- Yes 16k
SPITFIRE                Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
SPORT GOOFY             Atari            CX 5237      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
STARGATE                Atari            CX 5252      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
STAR RAIDERS            Atari            CX 5205      C+       YES   ---- Yes 16k
STAR TREK               Sega             004-02       R        NO    ---- Yes 32k
STAR WARS ROTJ: DEATH STAR BATTLE Park Bros 9060      ER+      NO    ---- Yes 8k
STAR WARS: THE ARCADE Game Parker Bros   9040         R+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
SUPER BREAKOUT          Atari            CX 5203      C-       YES   ---- Yes 4k
SUPER COBRA             Parker Brothers  9550         R        NO    ---- Yes 16k
SUPER PAC-MAN           Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
TEMPEST                 Atari            CX 5220      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
TRACK AND FIELD         Atari            CX 5258      PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
VANGUARD                Atari            CX 5216      U-       NO    ---- Yes 32k
WIZARD OF WOR           CBS Electronics  80003        R-       YES   ---- Yes 32k
XARI ARENA              Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes 16k
XEVIOUS                 Atari            CX 5246      PR       NO    ---- Yes 32k
YELLOW SUBMARINE        Atari                         PR       NO    ---- Yes  4k
ZAXXON                  Sega             008-02       ER+      NO    ---- Yes 32k
ZENJI                   Activision       FZ-010       ER       NO    ---- Yes 8k
ZONE RANGER             Activision       FZ-101       R+       NO    ---- Yes 16k
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